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Quantum Air Technology. Controlling Your Environment - Protecting People

Quantum Air Technology are global leaders in providing clean air & containment equipment and services into defence, medical and life sciences market sectors. As this requires a high skills base, we are able to offer our technical resource to develop and supply innovative products and solutions to third party companies. Should you have a problem that requires an engineering solution which does not currently exist, contact us to help you find it.

Portable Compliant Isolator (Glove box)

Our flagship product, the Portable Compliant Isolator (PCI) is a small, highly mobile glove box which, despite its size, complies with all relevant international standards and guidelines. It is used for medical, defence and life-sciences applications which include :

Glove Box  

  • Cytotoxic reconstitution
  • Monoclonal antibody preparation
  • Radium 223 preparation
  • Live vaccine preparation (MVA etc)
  • Clinical trials
  • Gene therapy
  • Aseptic processing training
  • Military use for analysing biochemical threats
  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for military and forensic analysis
  • Opening suspect mail and white powder packages

The PCI is the ideal solution for any application that requires product and operator protection with an economic footprint and price

portable glove box

Air Guard System

The Air-Guard uses the latest military technology to bring biochemical threat defence to your building or home. About the same size/weight as a portable air conditioning system, a fan/filtration system takes air from outside a room, filters it to remove hazards, then ventilates into the room to maintain a positive pressure relative to the outside. This action both removes the airborne threat and ensures any leaks in the room's fabric are outwards. The instrumentation and control system is automatic and gives the end user information on how well sealed the room is.

air guard  

Ideal applications include :

  • Emergency centres (fire police, ambulance)
  • Local government buildings
  • Embassies
  • Private offices
  • Education centres
  • Domestic homes

As the world becomes more volatile and biochemical weapons are increasingly easier to obtain, the Airguard can offer peace-of-mind in protecting personnel against airborne threats.

air guard

Instrumentation and Control Systems, OEM Products

Apart from its own products, two examples of which can be seen above, Quantum Air Technology also make control systems and complete products for other companies (as an OEM or original equipment manufacturer). Control panels are available for most clean air and containment equipment and military vehicle CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) systems. The CBRN control panel has been third party tested to Mil Std 461F, 1275F, 810G and fully complies with these. It has been designed exclusively for Bioquell Defence for use with their vehicle CBRN fan/filter pack and air conditioning units. Many of these systems are in operational use in M113 armoured personnel vehicles with the Saudi and Malaysian armed forces.

cbrn control system  

Ideal applications include :

  • CBRN and CBRN/AC control panels
  • Isolator control panels
  • Air management unit controls
  • Allergen control enclosure controls
  • VLF/HLF control system
  • Transfer hatch electromagnetic lock systems
  • Isolator electronic test meters

QAT makes a wide range of control systems in many different configurations. They can be supplied in any type of package and firmware can either be standard or specifically written to a specific customer requirement.

cbrn control

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Creates a controlled enviroment from 10% to 75% oxygen for hypoxia and hyperoxia related research. Nitrogen and oxygen gas are supplied to the isolator from gas cylinders and a pre-programmed unit delivers just the correct quantity to regulate the atmosphere to a pre-set percentage.

The unit's instrumentation comprises flow meters, alarms and a fail-safe system in the event of single-gas failure. Battery backup to protect against mains failure is also provided.

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